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The international technical assistance project “Building capacity in evidence-based economic development planning in Ukrainian oblasts and municipalities” (EBED project) is aimed at building the capacity of oblast state administrations and executive offices of city councils in local economic development planning using the tools of quantitative analysis and forecasting.
It is a five-year project: from March 2010 to February 2015. Geography of the project covers the Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv oblasts. EBED project participants are the cities of Lviv, Drohobych and Chervonohrad in Lviv oblast and the cities of Dnipropetrovsk, Kryvyi Rih and Nikopol in Dnepropetrovsk oblast.
In order to determine realistic goals and choose evidence-based priorities of local economic development cities and oblasts need to assess their advantages against actual or potential competitors in Ukraine and Europe. EBED Project will assist in it by collecting, comparing and analyzing their performance in the following areas: available resources, the level and dynamics of economic development, labour productivity and employment, investment activity and business environment, infrastructure and transport, education and innovation, and more.
The key to successful implementation of strategies and plans for economic development of oblasts and cities is the most complete understanding of the opportunities and constraints that are expected in the future. The basis of this understanding and all future predictions is the demographic situation forecast that will define labour supply and demand for goods and services within the city or oblast. Economic forecast is the next step, which will answer the question: what will happen to the local economy if nothing is done, and what is the impact of economic policy measures?
The final stage of estimation of economic development future conditions of oblasts and cities is forecasting their revenues, which will determine the amount of resources that can be used to implement the strategic priorities. EBED Project will help the participating oblasts and cities to forecast the future demographic situation, economic conditions and revenue.
Assessment of competitive advantages and determination of horizons of economic growth in oblasts and cities will form the basis for defining the strategic priorities of their development, which will be discussed and agreed with all stakeholders and representatives of local communities. The results of these consultations will allow for implementation of a fundamentally different approach to local economic development planning: updated strategies of oblasts and cities with the help of EBED Project will be evidence-based, realistic and supported by the public.
The EBED project is managed by the Conference Board of Canada ( – the largest no-profit organisation in Canada engaged in applied research in public policy, economic development and human resources. The project is funded by the Canadian Government through the Canadian International Development Agency (