Terms of Use

1. Terms
Terms and conditions (hereinafter - the “Terms”) regulate the use of website ebed.org.ua (hereinafter - the “Site”) of the Project "Building capacity in evidence-based economic development planning in Ukrainian oblasts and municipalities" (hereinafter – “EBED”), its content, software and services offered by the Site. The fact of using the Site means that You accept these Terms and acknowledge the privacy policy (hereinafter - the “Privacy Policy”). If You do not agree with the Terms and/or Privacy Policy, please do not use the Site.
2. Change of the Terms
EBED may at any time change these Terms. You may read the valid version of the Terms by clicking the “Terms” link at the bottom menu on the main page of the Site. If You are a regular user of the Site, You should periodically review the changes in the Terms. If You use the Site after we have committed changes to the Terms, You thereby acknowledge that You accept the new terms.
3. Privacy Policy
EBED respects the rights of the Site visitors. EBED acknowledges the importance of confidentiality of visitors’ personal information. This section contains information on what data EBED receives and collects when You use the Site, which will help You make comprehensive decisions about giving us Your personal data or other information.
This Privacy Policy applies only to the Site and the information gathered through this Site and its mediation. It does not apply to any other resources and cannot be applied to the resources of third parties which may link to the Site.
Automatically collected information that does not belong to personal data
Sometimes EBED may collect information about You that does not belong to personal data. Examples of such information may be: the type of browser and the operating system You are using and the domain name of the Site that linked You to the Site.
The information EBED may collect from the Site may be used to facilitate Your use of the Site, in particular for:
 - organizing the Site in the most user-friendly way;
 - providing an opportunity to subscribe to the mailing list;
 - access to the Site forum.
The Site collects personal data (hereinafter – “Personal Data”) that You provide voluntarily when registering on the Site. The term “Personal Data” in this case includes information that identifies You as a specific individual, such as Your name or email address. The content of the Site may be viewed without completing the registration, but You must register for some other functions of the Site, for example, leaving a comment to the Site materials. If You provide Personal Data to the Site, the Site will store this information strictly with the purpose of contacting You.
The information that is automatically stored on Your hard drive
When You view the Site, EBED may store some information on Your computer. This information can be stored in the format of Internet “cookies” in order to provide You with additional facilities in service from our side in the future. For example, “cookies” provide an opportunity to personalize the settings of the Site, a forum including Your account and personal preferences. However, this information is not associated with You as an individual. “Cookies” do not record Your email address and any personal information about You. Most web browsers allow You to remove “cookies” from the hard drive of Your computer if necessary and block all “cookies”, or notify You before saving them on Your computer. You may learn more information about these features from the manual to Your web browser or from the help menu.
In addition, EBED uses standard web server logbooks for counting the number of visits and evaluating technical capabilities of the Site. EBED uses this information to determine how often a person visits the Site and organizes the pages in a way to ensure that the Site corresponds with the browser in use and make the content of pages useful for visitors.  EBED collects data on the movement on the Site, but not about individual visitors. Therefore, no specific information about You personally will be stored or used by EBED without Your permission.
To maintain the security of the Site and provide services to all its users,  EBED also uses software to monitor traffic to identify cases of unauthorized information upload, its changes or to prevent other abuses.
Use/secrecy of personal information
EBED under no circumstances will hand over Your personal information to any third parties.  EBED also does not disclose Your personal information, except as provided by the law of Ukraine.
6. Your rights and responsibilities
You can use the Site only for legitimate purposes. You cannot submit or transmit any materials through the Site or otherwise perform any act which:
 1. violates the rights of others, including, in particular, their patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, advertising or other proprietary rights;
 2. is unlawful, threatening, offensive, defamatory, disgraceful, deceptive, fraudulent, which infringe on individual rights;
 3. contain viruses or other computer codes, files or programs that interrupt, destroy or limit the use of any computer software, hardware or telecommunications equipment or otherwise make possible unauthorized
 4. use of any computer or computer networks;
 5. violate these Terms of Use;
 6. prevent others from using the Site.
You should not use the Site in any manner that could damage the servers or EBED network, overburden or spoil them or prevent others from using the Site. Do not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any services, users’ data of the Site, computer systems or networks by “cracking” passwords or any other means. EBED may use any legitimate legal or technical remedies to prevent such violations and ensure compliance with these Terms.
Do not use the Site or its instruments of communication for direct or indirect transfer of forced mass messages (including the transfer of email and instant messages). You may not collect information about our users to send or facilitate the distribution of mass forced messages. You may not incite others or allow others to use the Site in violation of the terms of this section. We can immediately deny You access to the Site or its use and take any other legal action if You or any person that accesses the Site on Your behalf, in violation of this section. We can apply any technical remedies to prevent the introduction, use or abandonment of EBED computers or networks of mass forced messages.
7. Copyright
EBED demands obligatory reference to EBED project as to the source of any information, graphics and images copied from this Site as well as to their authorship or origin.  EBED is doing everything properly so that information on the Site was publicly available, except for information covered by copyright, but makes no guarantee about this. This remark on the copyright applies only to information on this Site.
With these Terms, You can use the Site and the Content only for personal purposes, without sales or paid use. You can download the proposed Informational content solely for personal purposes and only in accordance with the Terms that accompany specific information content. You may not convey in excess of the rights granted to You for its use. Without the prior written permission by  EBED, You cannot use methods of gathering information, robots or similar means of collecting and extracting data from content, select any part of the Site or content, as well as reproduce, reprint, copy, store, publicly display, broadcast, transmit, modify, translate, transfer, publish, sublicense, assign, transfer, sell, lend or otherwise distribute Informational content.
You cannot “crack” the mechanisms included in the information content in order to prevent any unauthorized reproduction or distribution.
By using the Site, You agree to access the Site and its software only through the interface provided by the Site.
8. Proprietary Rights
All registered trademarks and copyrights on logos, content and graphic elements that are mentioned or displayed in the Site content belong to their rightful owners. EBED owns incorporeal right to the Site design and information posted on it, including the appearance and special color combinations, form of buttons and other graphic elements of the Site. This intellectual property is protected by the legislation of Ukraine on Copyright.
9. Other Resources and Links
By including external links to the Site EBED does not intend to emphasize the importance of such resources or information available there, or certify, recommend commercial products or services offered on such resources, or entities that sponsor them, or marks for goods and services, trade names and more. Site links to any specific commercial products, technologies and services, any company, organization or fictitious names are given only for information and convenience of Site visitors and does not constitute evidence of their benefits or advice or support from a Conference Board of Canada, the Government of Canada or the Canadian International Development Agency. The authors’ views presented on the Site do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of Canada or the Canadian International Development Agency and may not be used for advertising or product quality assurance.
The documents posted on the Site may contain hypertext links or references to information created by other entities. These links are provided for the convenience of users of the Site.  EBED does not control or guarantee the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of data, which are only being referenced. EBED is also not responsible for the actions of other websites even if they contain links to the Site.
10. Disclaimer
EBED provides the Site in the state "as is" with all the warnings, comments and possibilities for its use. EBED does not guarantee that it contains no errors, that the Site will be available continuously and at any time. EBED does not guarantee that the results obtained from use of the Site will be reliable and accurate, or that they will meet Your requirements. EBED does not guarantee that You will be able to access the Site or use it (directly or through third-party networks) at any convenient time and from any place of Your choice.
Regarding the content of the Site neither the Conference Board of Canada nor the Government of Canada nor the Canadian International Development Agency, including its employees and contractors, assume no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any information, product or process presented on the Site, or for absence of computer viruses, and do not guarantee that the use of this information, product or process does not violate individual rights.
11. Completeness of Terms
These Terms and any additional statements, principles and guidelines posted on the Site constitute the complete agreement between You and EBED and supersede all other prior communications or agreements.
12. Termination of Terms
Your right to use the Site automatically terminates if You violate these Terms or other instructions or principles set by EBED for the Site.
13. Site Management
EBED manages the overall information content, design, and, organization of this Site and coordinates release of information to Internet via this Web Site with the Conference Board of Canada.
If you have any questions concerning these Terms or the use of information of the Site, please contact EBED at:
ITA project Building capacity in evidence-based economic
development planning in Ukrainian oblasts and municipalities”
Kyiv, Ukraine, 04071
30/39 Schekavytska St., office #168
T/F: +38 044 207 12 59
F: +38 044 207 12 83